ADG – Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting


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We manufacture die-casting components up to a weight of 6 kg. We machine and assemble as well.

Continuous collaboration with our clients in terms of casting and machining guarantee maximum productivity and competitive prices.

Highly automated die-casting cells with closing pressures from 400 t up to 1,380 t manufacture mainly with multiple cavity. Our state of the art mechanical processing equipment, as well as our measuring and testing technology, guarantee highest production quality.

Due to our Quality and Environmental Management Systems, we can assure a well-balanced economy-ecology ratio.
This is why we are certified according to ISO TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2009.

We are committed to our children and enviroment and included all these values in our corporate policy.

Geographically we are conveniently located between East and West, between client and supplier.