Sustainability and environmental protection are integral guiding principles for our actions and are part of the corporate mission of Austria Druckguss.

Austria Druckguss uses more than 98% aluminium alloys from recovered metal, residues and scrap that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. This prevents the mining of aluminium ores, which has a negative impact on the environment through pollution, energy waste and the leaching of natural resources – every tonne of recycled aluminium prevents the emission of two tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and the consumption of 16,000 litres of water, resulting in energy savings of 95% compared with extraction from bauxite.

At Austria Druckguss, however, sustainable action does not stop with the use of recycled basic material: using modern production processes, material input quantities and emissions are reduced to a minimum and reusable component are recovered wherever possible.

Finally, when packaging our products, we look for the best compromise between environmental protection, reusability and compliance with all customer specifications. In this way, economic efficiency and environmental protection go hand in hand at Austria Druckguss:

We are aware of our social responsibility to contribute to improving the quality of life and strive to enhance our products by saving energy and costs, conserving resources and protecting the environment.


Aware of our responsibility towards our customers, employees, suppliers and our common environment, we are committed to complying with custom requirements as well as legal, environmental specific and safety regulations. We are certified according to IATF 16949, EN ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certified.