Social Responsibility



Austria Druckguss sponsors Thomas Manuel Potzinger

  • from Weiz
  • qualified machining technician
  • qualification to study on the 2nd educational path
  • Master’s Degree “Health Management in Tourism”
  • 2017: More than 6,000 pure running kilometres, most of them at 2,400m above sea level
  • August to October 2018: more than 2,000 pure running kilometres
  • best marathon time: 2:42:41
  • victory at the “Stainzer Schilcherlauf 2017” – time: 55 min (15.75 km) 

next goals:

  • to return to Kenya at the end of January 2019 and to train injury-free, constant and progressively faster until October
  • to run a time below 2:30 at the Graz Marathon 2019

“…my first 30 km-run in 2018 at 2,400m above sea level was promising …”

Thomas Manuel Potzinger, MA


“Happiness multiplies when you share it.”

Since 1995, the EKiZ association in Gleisdorf has specialised in promoting relationships between children up to the age of 18 and their parents. Almost traditionally, the EKiZ is supported by Austria Druckguss as a social institution of the region. The donations are collected at annual celebrations such as the Austria Druckguss Summer Festival or the Christmas Party.

A further part of the collected amount also benefits needy employees in the company.